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Old School in a New World

Montana Watch Company - Handcrafted on Main Street

Montana Watch Company –             Handcrafted on Main Street

We are often asked the question, “Why Livingston, Montana? It’s so small and in the middle of nowhere and there can’t be much industry there.”

Livingston, Montana Watch Company, Unique American Timepieces

Livingston, Montana

It can be quite hard to connect the time-honored craftsmanship of watch building to the modernized high tech world but at Montana Watch Company we are giving it sincere effort.  And the best way for us to do that… up here in the middle of nowhere… is Social Marketing.

Recently we have created Facebook posts that have generated 1000’s of hits on our page.  People seem to really love being a part of the design/build process of our pieces and we have discovered (along with millions of other users) how intoxicating the uploading of images and insights into the day to day operations in our little watch shop can be.  Whether it is images of Jeffrey working on a piece at the bench, a new sketch design or a little ditty about one of our staff- our clients and friends seem to love it all.

Montana Watch Company, Unique American Timepieces, Individually Handcrafted Timepieces, Western Singlepoint Deep Relief engraving

Building an Officer’s Watch (Facebook)

Realizing the love of images and social thread followings, we have also accessed and jumped into the Pinterest pool with both feet.  We have been uploading images on a daily basis and having a lot of fun watching the “repinning” going on.  It is amazing to us to how the World Wide Web is just that… a web that grows and spirals with just one click opening up our doors to the whole world.

Unique American Timepieces, Montana Watch Company, Individually Handcrafted timepieces, Officer's Watch, Livingston MT

Pinterest Board Classic Models

We have reached 1000’s of clients with our Montana Watch Company Newsletter via email.  We have linkedin and on just about every social market we can.  We pin, we post, we blog, we link and we tweet.  We are in the virtual world and we are finding our way.

For the record, we have 6700+ people here, we are right off of I-90 in south central Montana and the LACK of commercial industry is EXACTLY why we love it here.

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