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Montana Watch Company Announces Limited Edition Reissue of the Model 1915 in Celebration of 15th Anniversary

1915 trioLivingston, MT, March 2014- Montana Watch Company began creating custom timepieces in October 1998.  Originating with the Model 1915 in homage to early American wristwatches, The Montana Watch Company expanded to include 9 models, all designed, assembled, and tested in Livingston, Montana by Owner/Founder Jeffrey Nashan, with production limited to 75-100 watches per year.  The cases are machined in nearby Manhattan, Montana.

“Fifteen years ago I created the Montana Watch Company to rekindle the great American heyday of watch manufacture.”  Mr. Nashan explains.  “My first watch was the classic Model 1915.  I am commemorating our successful fifteen years with this limited fifteen-piece re-edition of the model that started me on my journey”.

In addition to limited edition series, The Montana Watch Company specializes in creating custom, one-of-a-kind timepieces, inspiring discerning clientele to create bespoke, functional heirlooms to be passed down and treasured for generations.  Montana Watch collaborates with Master Artisans, offering endless options such as hand sculpting and engraving, gem-setting, hand-tooled leather straps, and even proprietary case designs.

The commemorative edition is available in three distinctive designs; Classic, Western Design, and Western Design Premium, epitomizing Montana Watch Company’s passion for early Americana and Western influence, while catering to individual taste.  All three variations begin with a solid Argentium silver, open display back case, which is capped with utilitarian wire lugs.  Other shared elements include Super LumiNova sport hands sweeping across a Grand Feu, baked-enamel dial protected by scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and a 29 Jewel, self-winding, Swiss mechanical movement.

The Model 1915 R Classic embodies the traditional, clean design of early wristwatches, while the Model 1915 Western Design evokes a bit of Cowboy flare with the addition of hand-engraved Western single-point line work.  The Model 1915 Western Design Premium draws particular focus to the artistry offered by Montana Watch Company. Handcrafted with Western single-point engraving in deep relief, the Western Design Premium variation is further embellished with four, solid gold, hand-sculpted overlays and a gold winding crown, each regally graced with a genuine ruby, the traditional 15th anniversary gemstone. The piece is finished with a hand-tooled and stitched saddle leather strap fitted to the case with solid gold, transitional-style wire lugs.

Watch and Americana collectors interested in learning more are encouraged to visit to explore currently available inventory selections, or gather inspiration to begin the journey of creating a personal, yet timeless expression of American craftsmanship.  For more additional assistance, contact Montana Watch Company at or 406-222-8899.

1915R-mock-up copy 1

Model 1915 R Classic

1915R-line copy 1

Model 1915 R Western Design

1915R-overlay copy 1

Model 1915 R Western Design Premium

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The HA.357 – A timepiece like no other

American made timepieces, montana watch company, individually handcrafted timepieces, livingston montana, mechanical timepieces, NRA watch

The original sketch design

The Montana Watch Company Special Edition HA.357

American made timepieces, montana watch company, individually handcrafted timepieces, livingston montana, mechanical timepieces, NRA watch

The one-of-a-kind  HA.357 timepiece

American made timepieces, montana watch company, individually handcrafted timepieces, livingston montana, mechanical timepieces, NRA watch

HA.357 Exhibition Caseback

We have created another heirloom-quality piece promoting and preserving the centuries old traditions of hunters and shooting sportsmen. This piece, unlike anything we have ever crafted, is the epitome of the Art of Time.

In 1934, Smith & Wesson developed the .357 Magnum, designed by Colonel D. B. Wesson along with considerable technical assistance from Phillip B. Sharpe, a member of the Technical Division Staff of the National Rifle Association. It is this original S & W cylinder and the Sharpe bullet headstamp that are showcased on the dial of our Highline Aviator mechanical timepiece.

Crafted of Grade 2 Titanium and heat blued by hand, this distinctive timepiece is a collaborative effort of design, master engraving, brass overlay and metal sculpting.  It has been personally assembled in Livingston, Montana by noted American horologist Jeffrey P. Nashan.  The exhibition caseback frames the Swiss ETA 6498 manual movement and is beautifully engraved with the key phrase of 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution.  The piece has a 14k solid gold winding crown and is finished with a carbon fiber strap and stainless steel buckle.  This Special Edition HA.357 is water resistant to 90 feet and carries a lifetime warranty*.

One very lucky individual now owns this piece of American made craftsmanship by the Montana Watch Company and will help to celebrate our 2nd Amendment Rights.

To see more pictures from our great evening at the Event in Houston, click here.


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Old School in a New World

Montana Watch Company - Handcrafted on Main Street

Montana Watch Company –             Handcrafted on Main Street

We are often asked the question, “Why Livingston, Montana? It’s so small and in the middle of nowhere and there can’t be much industry there.”

Livingston, Montana Watch Company, Unique American Timepieces

Livingston, Montana

It can be quite hard to connect the time-honored craftsmanship of watch building to the modernized high tech world but at Montana Watch Company we are giving it sincere effort.  And the best way for us to do that… up here in the middle of nowhere… is Social Marketing.

Recently we have created Facebook posts that have generated 1000’s of hits on our page.  People seem to really love being a part of the design/build process of our pieces and we have discovered (along with millions of other users) how intoxicating the uploading of images and insights into the day to day operations in our little watch shop can be.  Whether it is images of Jeffrey working on a piece at the bench, a new sketch design or a little ditty about one of our staff- our clients and friends seem to love it all.

Montana Watch Company, Unique American Timepieces, Individually Handcrafted Timepieces, Western Singlepoint Deep Relief engraving

Building an Officer’s Watch (Facebook)

Realizing the love of images and social thread followings, we have also accessed and jumped into the Pinterest pool with both feet.  We have been uploading images on a daily basis and having a lot of fun watching the “repinning” going on.  It is amazing to us to how the World Wide Web is just that… a web that grows and spirals with just one click opening up our doors to the whole world.

Unique American Timepieces, Montana Watch Company, Individually Handcrafted timepieces, Officer's Watch, Livingston MT

Pinterest Board Classic Models

We have reached 1000’s of clients with our Montana Watch Company Newsletter via email.  We have linkedin and on just about every social market we can.  We pin, we post, we blog, we link and we tweet.  We are in the virtual world and we are finding our way.

For the record, we have 6700+ people here, we are right off of I-90 in south central Montana and the LACK of commercial industry is EXACTLY why we love it here.

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Client Features – The Leopard Watch

The process of a custom individually handcrafted piece – played out in pictures.  Sometimes… this is the best way to understand what it is we do here at Montana Watch Company.

Mrs. Chappell decided she wanted to depict an image of a leopard, but not just any leopard.  She was able to actually see this beauty on one of her many journeys to Africa.

The sketch we prepared for her

After working with her, we came up with the perfect design for her.  Simple, yet elegant. High polished Argentium silver with bezel set diamond markers framing a hand-engraved bulino dial.

The process as it progresses with hand engraving by Christian DeCamillis

The beautifully finished dial. One of a kind.

The Argentium silver case with bezel set diamonds by Diane Scalese

Together prior to the build

The finished piece. From beginning to end with the client


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Introducing the Montana Travler

Montana WAtch Company, American Made WAtches, custom timepieces, hand crafted timepieces

The new guy on the block…  The Montana Travler.

And yes, it is spelled correctly.

When designing this classic 46mm Swiss mechanical timepiece, the thought was something different from anything in our current line while still following our traditional concepts.  We knew he was going to be big and bold with a high profile. He would have a classic face in a gorgeous black mother-of-pearl dial. Roman or Arabic numerals in a sultry gray luminova would be framed in thin classic bezels. The first run, after a long search for the perfect metal, would be milled of carbon steel damacus.  His crown would be adorned with a deep black diamond.

He is the burly, classy, hardworking, good looking one.

So… that led to the need for the perfect name.

The Montana Travler:

“In the 1930s, Montanan Tom Eaton began combining the bloodlines of the Tennessee Walking Horse, Morgan Horse, American Saddlebred, Thoroughbred, and Hamiltonian in a search for “the perfect horse.” By the early 1970s, his breeding resulted in an eye-catching, ground-covering chestnut stallion.

“The stallion, named Montana Travler, walked at a brisk eight miles per hour, with a giant eight-inch-plus overstep. He trained easily. This success motivated Eaton to found the Montana Travler Horse Association in 1979, writing, “Justin Morgan established a breed from one outstanding stallion. The Montana Travler is the result of not only a great stallion, but selective breeding over a period of many years.

“The Montana Travler has great heart depth, stamina, an excellent topline, sound conformation, strong feet, and a willing temperament. Travlers are narrow, but deep-chested, which enhances endurance. Because they were bred to travel mountain trails, pack, and cut and work cattle, the breed is surefooted and brave.

He is the burly, classy, hardworking, good looking one.

Inspired and in honor of such a perfect idea…

The Montana Travler from the Montana Watch Company – January 2013






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NRA-ILA Auction

We were so excited to be invited to the annual NRA-ILA Auction in April.  We collaborated with our subsidiary, the Rocky Mountain Watch Company, and HHH Custom Knives to create this custom watch and knife set which we donated.  The following page is from the auction catalog.

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Our Classic Models

At Montana Watch Company, we work very closely with each of our clients from the very beginning to create a one-of-a-kind timepiece that fulfills their vision.  The first step in this process is undoubtedly the choice of case shape.  As our company has grown, we have added more classic case shapes to choose from.  Currently we have eight classic models.  Below is more information on each piece.

The Bridger Field Watch

Originally, we only offered one classic model, the Bridger Field Watch.  The inspiration for our first model came from Jim Bridger who was a well known pioneer renowned for his strength and ruggedness.  The stories of his adventures into Montana portray him as the ultimate outdoorsman, and our Bridger Field Watch exemplifies these characteristics with its solid, simple style.  To view variations of the Bridger Field Watch, please follow this link to our website.

The Model 1925

The Model 1925 is our only tonneau shaped case, and exemplifies the grace and style of the time period.  The style replicates the barrel shape of watches that were common at the time, and embodies a sense of style unique to that point in history.  To view variations of the Model 1925, please follow this link to our website.

The Officer’s Watch

During the First World War, the Trench Officer’s Watch gained popularity beyond the military and several major watch manufacturing companies began to incorporate stylistic elements to the initial practical design.  With the screw-set lugs and curved back, we have carried on the tradition of adding elegance to the Officer’s Watch design.  To view variations of the Officer’s Watch, please follow this link to our website.

The Model 1920

The Model 1920 is our most recent addition to the classic models.  Inspired by the Roaring 20’s, this watch exemplifies the carefree attitude of the time.  Mobsters, rumrunners and flappers frequented speakeasies decked out in the latest fashions and all lived life to the fullest. To view variations of the Model 1920, please follow this link to our website.

The Model 1930

The earliest American watch cases were circular.  Later, as styles changed and machining techniques improved, the rectangular design was completely en vogue by 1930.  Our Model 1930 epitomizes the bold styling of this period of design.  To view variations of the Model 1930, please follow this link to our website.

Highline Aviator

The aviator watch was born from necessity during WWI.  It was simply a pocket watch fitted with wire lugs and strapped to the outside of a flight jacket.  Our Highline Aviator is a salute to those first brave men of flight. We recognize that this simplicity and practicality are a style that endures.  To view variations of the Highline Aviator, please follow this link to our website.


The Montana Yogo sapphire is a distinctive and natural treasure that is is prized for its unmatched beauty.  We have created this elegant timepiece for ladies with a uniqueness and style that lives up to the name Sapphire.  To view variations of the Sapphire model, please follow this link to our website.

Miles City Pocket Watch

For over fifty years, cowboys, ranchers and equestrians have traveled to Miles City, Montana for the world famous Miles City bucking horse sale.  The ruggedness and classic styling of the Miles City Edition is in perfect step with today’s pocket watch enthusiast.  To view variations of the Miles City Edition, please follow this link to our website.

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A night at the Liberty Hotel in Boston with Seth Minkin

Come join us tomorrow, November 15, for an evening of Art, Watches, Wine and Cheese at the Liberty Hotel in Boston.  We will be showcasing four of our custom watches that were inspired by Seth Minkin’s paintings.  It will be the first time that we have presented the original works of art and the watches that were created from them.

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Upcoming Events: Stop by if you are in the area

We are just winding up our travel season by coming to the following shows.  We would love it if you would stop by our booth and say hello in any of the following cities. If you would like more information on any of the shows or would like to attend contact us at

  • Richard Childress Congressional Sportsman Foundation Oct 12, 2011
  •  Art, Wine and Watches – Liberty Hotel, Boston – November 15th, 2011
  •  DSC  Dallas – January 5th – 8th, 2012
  •  SCI Houston – January 13th – 15th, 2012
  •  SCI Las Vegas – February 1st – 4th, 2012
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A unique collaboration honors a beloved pet…

Montana Watch Company created this beautiful custom engraved piece for our client Steve Barley, he was kind enough to share his thoughts with us…

Livingston Montana Watch Company American Manufactured Custom Timepieces

1925 Custom Engraved Timepiece Front Detail

MWC: How did you find out about the Montana Watch Company?

SB: Stopped by the booth at the Safari Club of Dallas show in 2008.

MWC: What interested you in our company?

SB:The one of a kind watch and the art work, but more importantly the look of a classic watch, the attention to detail.

MWC: Is buying American made important to you?

SB:Yes, however I realize the components are manufactured in Europe(Switzerland, Germany) and assembled in America, one watch at a time. Not an assembly line production.

MWC: Do you consider yourself a watch collector?

SB: No, I am not a watch collector, I have several watches, but I do not consider myself a collector.

MWC:What made you decide to order your watch?  Can you tell us about the process you went through in order to customize it exactly how you want it?

Bozeman Montana Watch Company Handmade Custom American Timepieces black labs



SB: I had a Labrador that I had personally trained and was my best friend. She went everywhere with me and was truly an incredible animal. I knew there would come a day when I had to say goodbye, however I wanted to remember her and the idea of a watch intrigued me. My wife for our 38th anniversary commissioned an artist to do a portrait of “Babe”…..he absolutely captured the expression I remember, her intensity the look I had seen so many times while we were hunting….that is the art that was used for my watch. I met Catherine at the Dallas Safari Club show and ordered a watch, unfortunately the market and economy tanked and I felt I needed to back off….so I canceled the order in 2008. In November of 2010, I had to say goodbye to “Babe”…..I ordered the watch at the Dallas Safari Club show in Jan. 2011.

Bob Bertram painting black lab livingston montana watch company custom made american timepieces

Babe Barley by Bob Bertram

The process of building the watch was very easy….I talked and e-mailed Catherine and Jeffrey. The artist, Bob Bertram ( pictures that he had worked with on painting the portrait and Jeffrey and Catherine went to work with their artist  to replicate and create another piece of art. After several discussions and many e-mails with concept and proto-types we arrived at how the watch should look ….the finished product is an heirloom piece that will be passed on to my son.

MWC: Would you recommend us to family or friends?

SB:I would certainly recommend Jeffrey and the Montana Watch Company to do a special piece…..Catherine was very helpful and we enjoyed touring the company and observing Jeffrey at work when we were there in June……

MWC: Anything else you would like to share?

Bozeman Montana Watch Company Handmade Custom American Timepieces

1925 Custom Engraved Timepiece Back Detail

SB:I was fortunate to have the dog of a lifetime and Montana Watch Company created a piece that is very special to me. Most people admire the finished product , but have no idea of the memories it brings to me.

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