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Client Features – The Leopard Watch

The process of a custom individually handcrafted piece – played out in pictures.  Sometimes… this is the best way to understand what it is we do here at Montana Watch Company.

Mrs. Chappell decided she wanted to depict an image of a leopard, but not just any leopard.  She was able to actually see this beauty on one of her many journeys to Africa.

The sketch we prepared for her

After working with her, we came up with the perfect design for her.  Simple, yet elegant. High polished Argentium silver with bezel set diamond markers framing a hand-engraved bulino dial.

The process as it progresses with hand engraving by Christian DeCamillis

The beautifully finished dial. One of a kind.

The Argentium silver case with bezel set diamonds by Diane Scalese

Together prior to the build

The finished piece. From beginning to end with the client


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Introducing the Montana Travler

Montana WAtch Company, American Made WAtches, custom timepieces, hand crafted timepieces

The new guy on the block…  The Montana Travler.

And yes, it is spelled correctly.

When designing this classic 46mm Swiss mechanical timepiece, the thought was something different from anything in our current line while still following our traditional concepts.  We knew he was going to be big and bold with a high profile. He would have a classic face in a gorgeous black mother-of-pearl dial. Roman or Arabic numerals in a sultry gray luminova would be framed in thin classic bezels. The first run, after a long search for the perfect metal, would be milled of carbon steel damacus.  His crown would be adorned with a deep black diamond.

He is the burly, classy, hardworking, good looking one.

So… that led to the need for the perfect name.

The Montana Travler:

“In the 1930s, Montanan Tom Eaton began combining the bloodlines of the Tennessee Walking Horse, Morgan Horse, American Saddlebred, Thoroughbred, and Hamiltonian in a search for “the perfect horse.” By the early 1970s, his breeding resulted in an eye-catching, ground-covering chestnut stallion.

“The stallion, named Montana Travler, walked at a brisk eight miles per hour, with a giant eight-inch-plus overstep. He trained easily. This success motivated Eaton to found the Montana Travler Horse Association in 1979, writing, “Justin Morgan established a breed from one outstanding stallion. The Montana Travler is the result of not only a great stallion, but selective breeding over a period of many years.

“The Montana Travler has great heart depth, stamina, an excellent topline, sound conformation, strong feet, and a willing temperament. Travlers are narrow, but deep-chested, which enhances endurance. Because they were bred to travel mountain trails, pack, and cut and work cattle, the breed is surefooted and brave.

He is the burly, classy, hardworking, good looking one.

Inspired and in honor of such a perfect idea…

The Montana Travler from the Montana Watch Company – January 2013






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