A unique collaboration honors a beloved pet…

Montana Watch Company created this beautiful custom engraved piece for our client Steve Barley, he was kind enough to share his thoughts with us…

Livingston Montana Watch Company American Manufactured Custom Timepieces

1925 Custom Engraved Timepiece Front Detail

MWC: How did you find out about the Montana Watch Company?

SB: Stopped by the booth at the Safari Club of Dallas show in 2008.

MWC: What interested you in our company?

SB:The one of a kind watch and the art work, but more importantly the look of a classic watch, the attention to detail.

MWC: Is buying American made important to you?

SB:Yes, however I realize the components are manufactured in Europe(Switzerland, Germany) and assembled in America, one watch at a time. Not an assembly line production.

MWC: Do you consider yourself a watch collector?

SB: No, I am not a watch collector, I have several watches, but I do not consider myself a collector.

MWC:What made you decide to order your watch?  Can you tell us about the process you went through in order to customize it exactly how you want it?

Bozeman Montana Watch Company Handmade Custom American Timepieces black labs



SB: I had a Labrador that I had personally trained and was my best friend. She went everywhere with me and was truly an incredible animal. I knew there would come a day when I had to say goodbye, however I wanted to remember her and the idea of a watch intrigued me. My wife for our 38th anniversary commissioned an artist to do a portrait of “Babe”…..he absolutely captured the expression I remember, her intensity the look I had seen so many times while we were hunting….that is the art that was used for my watch. I met Catherine at the Dallas Safari Club show and ordered a watch, unfortunately the market and economy tanked and I felt I needed to back off….so I canceled the order in 2008. In November of 2010, I had to say goodbye to “Babe”…..I ordered the watch at the Dallas Safari Club show in Jan. 2011.

Bob Bertram painting black lab livingston montana watch company custom made american timepieces

Babe Barley by Bob Bertram

The process of building the watch was very easy….I talked and e-mailed Catherine and Jeffrey. The artist, Bob Bertram (www.betramgallery.com)sent pictures that he had worked with on painting the portrait and Jeffrey and Catherine went to work with their artist  to replicate and create another piece of art. After several discussions and many e-mails with concept and proto-types we arrived at how the watch should look ….the finished product is an heirloom piece that will be passed on to my son.

MWC: Would you recommend us to family or friends?

SB:I would certainly recommend Jeffrey and the Montana Watch Company to do a special piece…..Catherine was very helpful and we enjoyed touring the company and observing Jeffrey at work when we were there in June……

MWC: Anything else you would like to share?

Bozeman Montana Watch Company Handmade Custom American Timepieces

1925 Custom Engraved Timepiece Back Detail

SB:I was fortunate to have the dog of a lifetime and Montana Watch Company created a piece that is very special to me. Most people admire the finished product , but have no idea of the memories it brings to me.

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  1. E Thomas says:

    nice story.

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