Farrell Belt & Buckle

When Jeffrey and I moved onto the Bridger mountains in Livingston we met a rancher, who over the years has become family to us.  He ran cattle on a 2.5 mile stretch of land that we drive through in order to get to our home.  Farrell, the rancher, let us use his horses, before we had our own, and Keegan learner how to ride at the age of 5 on his ranch.

Over the last few years Jeffrey started running his own cattle and now runs his with Farrell.  Jeffrey has completely embraced the rancher life and spends almost all of his spare time either with Farrell working on the ranch or making plans on how to manage cows, hay and bulls.

A couple of months ago Jeffrey decided to make a hand tooled belt with matching buckle for Farrell.  It was the perfect gift for him as his old belt was worn out and many of the holes in the belt had blended together.  He had his brand engraved into the buckle along with his initials.  I have never seen Farrell so touched as I had when Jeffrey gave him the belt.


We all love Farrell and the rest of his family.


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One Response to Farrell Belt & Buckle

  1. E Thomas says:

    Some questions:

    Who wrote this piece?
    How many years have you known him?
    What is Farrell’s full name?
    Does he have only 2 initials?
    If so, does the last name always come first?
    Check your spelling.

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