The Model 1920: A Sketch of our next watch

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Preliminary sketch of the Model 1920

For the first time ever we are sharing the creative process of designing and building a new model at the Montana Watch Company.  Over the next few posts you will see the entire process of designing and manufacturing a watch here in the USA.

Jeffrey recently created this sketch of the brand new Model 1920 that will be released in August.  He painstakenly chooses a font for the numbers and individually places them on the dial until he thinks that are in the exact spot.  Once he is satisfied with the dial design he sends it out to the dial manufacturer, here in America, and they create the pieces for him to work with.  Once he is happy with the design of the case and lugs he starts to work with our engineer/machinist Paul which is perhaps the hardest part of creating a new watch.  Each case and lug system comes with a unique set of problems to be solved, in this case they had to figure out how to manufacture a square lug from a round piece of stock and fit the lug onto a round watch seamlessly. The first prototype is being manufactured as I write this brief introduction.  Follow this post and see a video of the cases being manufactured in Manhattan, MT in a few days.

Every couple of years Jeffrey introduces a new watch model because he loves the design of different eras and enjoys creating a new piece with his spin on the era.  Many of our clients are collectors and enjoy collecting watches from different time periods.  He also loves the challenge of creating something from scratch and solving the various technical problems that inevitably occur when designing a case.

More to come…..

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