The First Collaborative Piece between Seth Minkin & Jeffrey Nashan: Manju

American Watch

Bridger Field Watch created by The Montana Watch Company. First Collaboration piece with Seth Minkin

Seth Minkin

Original painting Manju by Seth Minkin

(I posted these photos as large as possible so you could see the details of both renditions of Manju.)

The client’s choice of accentuating texture and color by contrasting the satin stainless steel case with the copper dial, lugs and crown was a very unique and attractive choice with a truly distinctive look.
The process of creating such a piece is time consuming but definitely rewarding.  It started with Jeffrey superimposing the painting on the dial in Photoshop in order to show Alex and Seth how the engraving was going to be composed.  Once Seth and Alex approved the positioning of “Manju” (the subject) the design and the dial blank  were sent to our engraver who intricately rendered Seth’s painting onto a space about 1/50 of the scale of the painting.  The dial is just about an inch wide, each mark on the dial was made with a hand-held graver tool, adding form and shading by way of tiny lines and dots in the copper .  After many hours of engraving the final piece was sent back to Jeffrey where he took over the process again.  He turned each of the dial markers on a small lathe and riveted them to small pierces in the dial one at a time.  A mistake at any time during this process means restarting from scratch.  In order to get the satin finish on the case Jeffrey first polished the case on a buffing wheel and then finished it with a series of abrasive cloths until the finish is right .  The lugs are then bent and laser welded to the case.  At this point with all of the pieces on the bench in our studio in Livingston, Montana, Jeffrey begins assembly of the watch, including disassembling and recalibrating the ETA cal. 2824 movement according to his specifications.  Once the piece was assembled, timed, and photographed it was packaged into our custom made boxes and sent out to Alex.

Thank you Seth for introducing us to Alex and being so interesting to get to know and work with.  We are looking forward to meeting you and seeing your art in person at your show next month in Boston.   Alex, thank you for having faith in our ability to create a unique timepiece that you and your family will wear and enjoy for many years.

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