An Interview with Seth Minkin: Part III

5) Where so you see the relationship going in the future? What kind of interesting paths do you see opening up in front of the two of you?

This collaboration is a very special one and this type of project hasn’t been undertaken by a luxury brand before, so I feel that this gives us a unique edge.  The ability to represent art as an element of style in this way is truly special and, for discerning clients who have “seen it all,” this process guarantees that their final product will be one of a kind.  Jeff and I have a great working relationship and we are both really excited about the potential of this collaboration.  Ultimately, we both do what we do because we have a deep passion for creating beautiful pieces and working with interesting, worldly people who have an appreciation for what we do.  In working together, we have the opportunity to broaden our artistic visions.  For example, we have been kicking around the idea of creating a watch based on an image of a watch face that I create.  It would be my interpretation of a dial, painted on canvas, which would then go back to Jeff for his reinterpretation.  The ability to work with someone in this manner is especially exciting to both of us, as we are discovering how to work within each other’s area of expertise while pushing the boundaries of our own skill set.  In this sense, we can truly be creative without limits and produce incredible pieces that are sure to impress and inspire.

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