An Interview With Seth Minkin: Part II

3) What interests you in the process of collaborating with The Montana Watch Company?

I really love watches, as do many of my clients and the potential to have my images be reinterpreted by other artisans is something I find to be very cool.  I also think that there is a great synergy between Jeff and I in the sense that we both appreciate each other’s work and there is a great deal of mutual respect between us.  I really enjoy the possibility of having a hand at the overall look and design of the time pieces themselves and, for me, it is exciting to take a huge painting that hangs on the wall and transform its imagery into something that a client has on them at all times.  This collaboration also adds a little bit of the practical for my clients.  It’s wearable art; the watch is a timepiece, as well as being beautiful; it’s another form of expressing their own passions and style.  And, most importantly, it takes the concept of customization, personalization and uniqueness to a whole other level.  The process of taking the subject of one’s commissioned art work and having that further interpreted in a timepiece is certainly as unique and personal as it gets.  For many of my clients who are not artistically inclined, this provides the opportunity to demonstrate their own style and also take part in the overall creative process.

4) A couple of your clients are commissioning you and Jeffrey to do pieces.  Can you tell us how a client goes about getting a piece made?

My clients have been very excited to hear about this collaboration, since many of them are also watch aficionados.  It just feels like a natural fit between what Jeff and I both do, even though this concept is wholly unique and hasn’t been done before.  The process of commissioning a watch starts with a client’s fascination towards a particular painting.  I work with Jeff to put together mock ups of different case styles and renderings in a variety of metals to give the client an idea of what the final product will look like.  From this point, Jeff handles the details of the actual watches, from assisting the clients in selecting which metals and adornments they would like to use, to choosing a band and many of the other aesthetic options that are available.  He and I go back and forth on some of these details, such as the way the image fits in the dial, placement of signatures, etc.  It is truly a joint effort in the way we work together and both of us have input throughout the process.  Of course, we both work for our clients and their input is of the utmost importance.  In the end, the final product is an heirloom quality timepiece with artistic integrity that meets with the client’s seal of approval.

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  1. Like instant coffee, Seth & Montana Watch Comapny have made the future heritage timepieces available today.
    Just add wrist.

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