Seth Minkin: An exciting collaboration

A few weeks ago Jeffrey contacted Seth Minkin on a reccomendation from Rosanna.  (Thank you Rosanna) Seth is an artist based out of Boston and passionately creates  simple compositions that are quirky, full of color and life and capture the essence of his subjects.  I love his work.  Jeffrey and Seth hit is off immediately and are already working on a couple of projects.  (Once we get the approval from the client on the first piece they are making I will share some preliminary sketches with you.)

Seth Minkin, Montana Watch Company

The wonderful thing about a successful collaboration is that the end product is not what any one of the collaborators initially had in mind.  The transference of ides and the give and take of information makes something better than what either person could do on their own.  I think this relationship, just like the one we have with John Banovich, is going to prove to be a successful collaboration and will take The Montana Watch Company in a direction that it has not been so far.

What I love about the watches Jeffrey makes is that they become a canvas for these artistic collaborations.  We were talking the other day about the commissioned piece he has started with Seth’s painting.  His painting was in a vertical format and looked perfect in the rectangular 1930 case.  Although each of Jeffrey’s design is beautiful on their own they can integrate other people’s paintings on their dials and become something completely different and even more beautiful.

Here are some of my favorite paintings of Seth’s for you to enjoy and envision on our watches.  Seth has a show coming up on July 12 at the Liberty Hotel is Boston where we will meet him and see his work in person.  (By the way the Liberty Hotel is a gorgeous hotel that was a prison in its past life.  Seth had told me it was fantastic and he was right.)

Seth Minkin, Montana Watch Company, American Watch

Seth Minkin, Montana Watch

Seth Minkin, Montana Watch Company, American Watches

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  1. Kelly Shikany says:

    When can I see the Seth Minkin watch??? This is so exciting. He is an amazing artist.

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