A custom made Model 1925/Banovich Collaboration

American Watch Company, Montana Watch Company

Our dear friend and fine artist, John Banovich, brought one his clients into our shop in Livingston, Montana.  She, her brother and husband looked at the selection of inventory and decided that she would like to work with Jeffrey to create a custom Model 1925 American timepiece.  The unique aspect of our company is that you can work with Jeffrey and create ANYTHING you want, well almost anything.  You can start with any of the watch models and create something that is one of a kind.  If you want to take it a step farther you can even collaborate with Jeffrey to design a unique case design that becomes your design forever.  But that is another blog entry.

Montana Watch Co.  Montan Watch Company, American Watch Manufacturer

Custom 1925 detail

Jeffrey’s client, I will call her Kathy as she does not want to share her personal information,  wanted to incorporate one of John’s paintings onto the dial of her watch.  She and John thought of some options and decided on this painting of a cheetah.  One of our engravers hand engraved the piece onto the dial.  The bulino engraving takes hours to complete, and if the artist makes one wrong cut the whole dial may have to be thrown away and the process begun again.  If you ever visit our store or see us as a show ask us to show you the piece on our IPad as we can zoom in and you can see the individual engraving marks that make up the face of the dial.  It is incredible to see how many marks make up the face of such a small canvas/dial.  When working with such an intricate dial design we typically use markers instead of numbers so as not to take away from the beauty of the design.  These were created with 22K white gold and give a subtle contrast to the image on the dial.

Kathy wanted the case to be just as special as the dial and had it made out of 18K rose gold because she loved the color of it precious metal.  She asked to have bright cut engraving with inlaid diamonds both on the side and the front of the case, with an overlay rope pattern on the front.  Another one of our engravers took the case and started creating something very unique, even for our company.  Our engraver Diane, painstakenly engraved the case, created the overlay rope design and then inlaid the pavé diamonds on the bezel of the watch and then on the cuts she had engraved on the side of the case.  This is the first time one of our clients placed diamonds in the cuts of the engraving and the effect is subtle and beautiful.  It is perfect for someone who wants an understated watch from a distance and then something magnificent up close.

Kathy recently sent the watch back to us to customize the strap with with our leather smith, Howard Knight.  He will be creating a gold applique on the strap, another first for our company and we will post some photos once the strap is created and placed on the watch.

We love working with people who have a vision of something they want to create.  Your vision coupled with Jeffrey’s horological skill and aesthetic opens the doors to endless possibilities.  If you would like to work with Jeffrey, call up Catherine or stop by our store and schedule an appointment so we can start working on your watch.


18k rose gold case with western bright-cut engraving and pavé diamonds, 18 karat gold rope and 14 karat gold winding crown.  14 karat gold dial with bulino engraving and 22k white gold dial markers with a diamond at the 12 o’clock position.   American alligator strap finished with hand engraved buckle.

+ 32mmx44mm case

+ Swiss movement, ETA cal. 2895-2, self-winding

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