Elichai Fowler: One of our talented engravers.

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Montana Watch 1925 engraved by E. Fowler

Before Jeffrey left for Charlotte and then onto Reno for the SCI show he had received this beautiful 1925 case from Elichia Fowler and was able to assemble the watch and will be showing it in Reno.  I have not seen the watch in real life, but from the photos I can tell how exceptional it is.  Jeffrey loves the engraving, especially the fact that the design work starts on the front of the case and is carried over the side of the watch without any break in design.

Montana Watch Company


I cropped the one photograph so you can see the intricate work that Elichia has done on the watch.  If you are going to the SCI show in Reno stop by our booth and ask to look at the piece.  It is extraordinary.  We will be in the Trails End Pavilion at booth numbers 50 and 53.

Montana Watch Company

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  1. Jonathan Chausse says:

    One of Elichia’s best qualities as an engraver is his ability to look beyond the normal style of the watch. For this piece he hand filed the straight edges down to created the curved effect which allowed him to create this new style. I remember watching Elichia draw this design at the Dallas Safari Club in 2010. I thought the idea was intriguing but I was unsure of the result. Seeing this piece however has shown Elichia’s talent for thinking outside the box to create an exceptional piece.

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