Ladies Sapphire, bright-cut

Ladies Sapphire, Argentium silver case with bright-cut engraving, Yogo sapphires and mother of pearl dial.

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7 Responses to Ladies Sapphire, bright-cut

  1. E Thomas says:

    This one is great.
    Look forward to seeing it soon.


  2. Joe Clenney says:

    I think that you all have a fantastic life. Being mastercraftsmen and creating beautiful art forms is really a blessing, in addition, to living in the West. I am just an aging retired coach who can not afford luxury, however, I certainly appreciate your work and enjoy looking at it. When I go into a watch shop, I ask them if they have heard of the Montana Watch Company and give them the website. Coach Joe

    • montanawatch says:

      I apologize for not responding but I had forgotten to look at the comments section for WAY too long. I am glad you enjoy looking at our watches and I agree we are fortunate to work in such an interesting field and to live in a majestic state. If you ever visit Livingston, MT please stop by and say hello. Thank you for sharing our information with other watch enthusiasts.

  3. Karen Brooks says:

    The Ladies Sapphire Bright Cut is a beautiful watch. I am trying to persuade my husband that this would be a wonderful Christmas and/or 24th anniversary present.

    Thank you.

    • montanawatch says:

      I am sorry I never replied to your comment. In truth I just saw it a few minutes ago. If you didn’t receive the Ladies Sapphire for the holidays I hope your husband is considering it for your anniversary. If you would like to talk with Catherine about having a watch made for you please call her at 406-222-8899. Thank you for the note….

  4. polar f4 says:

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